7 Reasons to Switch to LED High Bay Lighting

7 Reasons to Switch to LED High Bay Lighting

1. LED High Bays decrease costs by 75%.

Decreasing commercial high bay lighting costs becomes sustainable and practical with our energy-efficient indoor LED high bay lights. With energy preservations up to 75%, you can lower an enormous amount of energy consumption.  Also, save with LED high bays via more prolonged lifespans, motion sensors, reduced maintenance costs, dimmable high bay lighting options, and even rebates.

2. LED High Bays are durable fixtures that will last years!

Our commercial high bay LED light fixtures can resist extreme hot and cold temperatures, without decreasing its lifespan. That is feasible through our large heat sinks, specifically designed to maintain the lights neat. Our feature LED high bay light fixtures are also vibration resistant, enabling them to sustain a long lifespan in harder environments. Perfect for industrial & commercial environments demanding industrial LED high bay lighting fixtures.

3. High Bay LED Lights will reduce maintenance costs.

Our effective LED high bay lights are L70 ranked last upwards of 100,000+ hours. That allows for fewer replacements of your bay fixtures, which is expensive in applications such as a warehouse or factory. Where LED high bay lights are used due to the sheer heights, they are installed at. That cost saver of LED high bay light fixtures is usually overlooked but saves a tremendous amount of money.

4. High Voltage LED High Bays for 100V - 277V or 277V - 480V

Are you seeking to replace high bay fixtures that are 277V? 347V? 480V? We have solutions which cover these higher voltage installations. Our uniform current drivers are outfitted to handle everything from 100V to 277V or 377V to 480V. We can control single or 3-phase power also. Talk to our sales engineers. Furthermore, we can take care of your lighting situation.

5. LED High-Temperature Choices for hot environments

Have LED High Bay Lights that are considered for ambient temperatures for 60C, 70C, 80C, even 90C. These lights are superintended to last, moreover many of them can be configured to be either placed as a floodlight or a high bay.

6. Easily supersede T5 High Output Fluorescent over to LED

Are you Tired of changing tubes? Tired of tubes that don't serve as long as they should? Replacing T5 HO Fluorescent fixtures is easy and straightforward. Each T5 tube provides approximately 4000 lumens each. The light is not directional, so efficient lumens is less than the 24000 combined lumens for a six-tube fixture. We can easily supersede these fixtures with a cost-effective, maintenance-free equivalent LED solution.

7. Waterproof IP Rated High Bays

Many of our industrial LED high bay fixtures are intended with an IP rating. IP is a rating system that defines how well installation can keep out moisture and dust. It is depicted as IPXX, where the first digit is whereby well it keeps out dirt and the second digit talks regarding how well it keeps out water.

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