Philips LED Parking Lot Lighting: Making a Difference

Philips LED Parking Lot Lighting: Making a Difference

How important is the parking lot at your building or facility? Enormously! A Parking lot allows customers, tenants, and visitors to access your businesses or buildings. But when did you updated your lot? What about an update that also reduces your monthly costs & makes your organization more energy efficient? We are talking about replacing your Parking lighting fixtures with Philips LED Parking Lot Lighting. 

Why are outdoor LED parking lights an improvement for organizations? What differentiates LED lighting technology?

There are some key differences between LED lighting technology and conventional lighting technology that deserve to be considered. Let's start at the beginning: "LED" means light-emitting diode. This is how LEDs produce light differently from conventional lighting solutions.  Most conventional lighting technologies use a combination of filaments & fuel sources to create a light, but there are three major issues in this scenario:

  1. Much of the energy created by conventional lighting technology is emitted as heat rather than light, resulting in higher energy consumption and therefore higher costs.
  2. Typical bulbs create an omnidirectional light, which requires lighting fixtures to direct light.
  3. More mechanical components (contact wires, glass support, filament, support wires, etc.) mean more possibilities of failure

So, how does Philips LED Parking Lot Lighting address these issues? 

First, LEDs are much more energy efficient because the light/heat ratio is better. Secondly, LEDs produce a directional light, which means that less light is wasted pointing to the sky or turned off in a random direction. Finally, the technology behind LED lighting is simple, which means less maintenance. Some LEDs have a lifespan four to forty times longer than their conventional counterparts. All these factors are a compelling argument for LED lights.

What difference will Philips LED Parking Lot Lighting make in your parking lot?

philips led parking lot lighting

Some of the most noticeable benefits are brighter, whiter lights that more accurately represent the natural color of objects. You can also see the larger footprint of each light, which means fewer fixtures are needed to get the same amount of lighting. What you cannot see is this:

  • The wattage of Philips LED Parking Lot lights is often 50 to 75% lower than that required for traditional parking lighting. This translates directly into lower expenses for the management of your car park. We have customers who have seen savings of more than 75% on their energy bills each month, freeing up valuable capital.
  • There are elusive advantages for customers, purchasers, and guests to your business when the parking area is splendidly lit and well-kept up. The impression of expanded wellbeing is an unpretentious yet significant one.
  • Finishing an LED retrofit of parking area lighting may appear to be intimidating from the outset, yet the return on investment is commonly under three years. We would be glad to Complete a free return on investment for your corporation.

Tanlite Lighting can assist you with accomplishing your lighting objectives by executing outdoor LED parking lot lights. 

Throughout the years, we have helped various organizations update their parking area lighting with Philips LED Parking Lot Lighting. While Philips LED Parking Lot Lights are only one feature of our administration offering, please get in touch with us today to see how a retrofit can assist your organization.

High output lighting doesn't mean high energy & maintenance costs

Philips LED Parking Lot Lights to provide your outdoor area with bright, uniform brightening while at the same time slicing energy & maintenance costs contrasted with conventional lighting. Presently you can inculcate a sense of security that all is well and good and stand out in any enormous zone or floodlighting application, without the problem of continuous relamping or high service bills.

A wide variety of lumen outputs, sizes, optical distributions, mounting options, and other features provide increased flexibility without insufficient lighting. Besides, with high-efficiency lighting of over 100,000 lumens, you can use fewer fixtures than HIDs.

Here's how Philips LED Parking Lot Lighting can help you send the right message efficiently in the following applications:

Auto dealerships

philips led parking lot lighting

Now you can attract potential customers without breaking the bank! Philips LED Parking Lot Lighting allows your inventory to shine and shine at night and also helps to deter vandals, all without unnecessary alteration of light. Specific optics for the automatic front row are available in the zone configuration to meet the needs of this application.

Large retail parking lots

Set the tone for a pleasant shopping experience even before customers enter the store. Philips LED emits a bright, even light throughout the parking lot, eliminating dark areas between the poles, so pedestrians and drivers can feel safe while driving and walking around.


Navigating safely in a constant flow of passengers or goods is quite complex, so why add unnecessary stress to high electricity bills? Philips LED offers a variety of mounting options & optical distributions to make sure a sense of security in all outdoor spaces, such as airport terminals, parking lots, wharves, and docks.

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