120W 150W 300W LED Retrofit Kit For HID Shoebox Light-5000K UL DLC Approved MEANWELL Driver

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Tanlite LED retrofit kit is the highest quality, most cost-effective retrofit kit on the market.  It has a beautiful design intended for outdoor applications, and it combines the latest in LED technology including a weathertight IP65 LED driver and thermal management.  The high-performance illumination lasts 100,000+ hours. It's ideal for replacing 150-1000W Metal Halide, with typical energy savings of 80%.

Product features: 

  • New style and high efficient wide-range input
  • CREE Chip/UL approved Meanwell Driver/SUNON Fan
  • Long lifespan, dimmable, and good heat dissipation
  • Direct replacement for Metal Halide, Easy Installation, Labor cost saving
  • Fits many different fixtures to replace traditional lamps
  • Adjustable bracket for different direction lighting 


Retrofitting Parking lots, shoeboxes, streetlights, floodlights, wall packs, high bays, and canopies have just been made simple.


  • 3 Models:  E39 Base 120W and 150W 300W
  • Metal Halide Equivalent: 300W HID and 400W HID and 1000W HID
  • Lumens: 19,500 and 26,000              
  • 100,000+ Hours Lamp Life
  • Phillips LED Source and Meanwell Driver
  • LPW: Lumen/Watt:100-120lm/W 
  • Working Environment Temperature: -20~+45℃ 
  • Operating Humidity  20%-90% RH 
  • Storage Temperature 10%-95%       
  • CRI: >80ra              
  • CCT: 5000K                 
  • Warranty: 5 years 
  • Certification UL, cUL, and DLC comply with the utility rebates.

Installation Instructions:

Warning: Please make sure the power is off before installation

  • Fix the U bracket on the installation bracket with screws
  • Fix the lamp body on the bracket with screws
  • Adjust the length, height, etc. of the lamp body and bracket as per your specific requirements. 
  • Takedown all screw bases and ballasts in the fixtures before installation.
  • Fix the driver on the fixture of the lamp with screws, then fix the products with a fixed bracket on the fixture
  • Connect correctly the input wire of the lamp body and the output wire of the driver
  • If the lamps are installed vertically, take high-bay fixtures 
  • Connect the driver with the local electric supply, insulation measures are needed when connecting the wires
  • Turn on the power after the product is properly installed, then it can work normally.

    Download 60-150W Spec Sheet

    Download Installation Instructions

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