TANLITE Clamp Aquarium Light with White & Blue LEDs-MingDak Fish Tank Clip on Light with Inline Timer-3 Lighting Modes-Dimmable, 7W, 18 LEDs

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Expertly illuminate your aquarium with the TANLITE Clamp Aquarium Light. With a powerful 7W and 18 white and blue LEDs, this light offers 3 lighting modes and is dimmable to suit your aquatic creatures' needs. Equipped with an inline timer, this light is perfect for maintaining a natural day/night cycle.

  • As an expert in this product, it is important to note the three available lighting modes: white, blue, and a combination of both. These options showcase the vibrant colors of objects within the tank, allowing for a beautiful and captivating aquascape experience.
  • This TANLITE Clamp Aquarium Light features a built-in timer that will automatically turn on and off at the same time every day, providing consistent lighting for either 6, 10, or 12 hours. The built-in dimmer allows for customizable brightness levels for both the white and blue LED lights, eliminating the concern of over-bright illumination.
  • ADJUSTABLE GOOSENECK CLAMP: The Mingdak aquarium light is equipped with a 0.98-inch wide clamp that fits securely on most fish tank walls. Its soft gooseneck can be easily positioned at various angles for optimal lighting.
  • GOOD FOR PLANT & FISH: Ultra-bright 7000-7500k White LEDs and rich 460nm blue light are sufficient to grow your plant thriving.It also lights your fish in a way that changes their color to stand out.


3 Lighting Modes:

The TANLITE Clamp Aquarium Light features 18 LEDs and 3 lighting modes: Mode I with 15 white lights, Mode II with 15 white and 3 blue lights, and Mode III with 3 blue lights. These modes can be easily adjusted using the inline timer, allowing for customizable lighting options for your fish tank.

3 Timming Durations:

The LED lights will change color based on the duration. At 6 hours, they will appear blue, at 10 hours they will appear green, and at 12 hours they will appear red.

Dimmable Brightness:

Increase the fish light brightness from 10% to a maximum of 100% with each press, adding 10% each time. Once it reaches the maximum, it will return to 10% brightness.


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